Welcome to the preview on Smart Designer HTML5!

Only a few days to go before the Smart Designer is about to make a technology change.
As you may know, the Smart Designer has been using Adobe Flash technology since 2014, which is good, but no longer up-to-date.
That's why it's called now:

HTML 5 replaces Adobe Flash!

Because we want to:
... have a future-proof software technology
... run the software on tablets like iPad etc.
... have a more intuitive handling adapted to today's habits

The primary target is to implement the Flash version 1:1 to the new technology!
But we have improved the handling of projects. Introduced is a "project level", which makes it easier for you to manage your configurations.

Automatic changeover for all users is expected for may 2019!

Let's take a look on some impressions of the
Smart Designer HTML5:

New ways to better organize your projects and their configurations

The new modern design complies web UI trends

Nevertheless, you will find all the old functions that you know from the Smart Designer again

...like Import and Export possibilities:

...like generating the documentation from different templates:

...like edit your own item numbers:

Thank you for your interest!


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